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, 20 - 30 Jahre
I just had my first appointment here today and am beyond impressed and happy! I had Laura and she did a great job! I just had my ends cut, and some face-framing pieces cut around my face but honestly, it's one of the best haircuts I've gotten since moving to Munich! Would definitely recommend giving it a shot, especially for the price -- you really can't get better. Plus, the instructors check in before the haircut, at the very end, and are present for questions and help throughout the process. You also get the full salon treatment and even though they're training, it still feels really professional and all the girls I saw working were super kind. 10/10 recommend and will come back. Not a critique on them, but definitely only come if you're flexible on time. The salon was full of students practicing and after I arrived almost everyone way cutting someones hair, and since they need to get approval from their instructors, it definitely takes the amount of time listed on the website/I could see if taking a bit longer too. But the wait is worth it and not bad at all! You also get asked if you need/want water, coffee, etc. So it's super comfy!
, 40 - 50 Jahre
Ich habe gestern Strähnen bekommen von Zubaidah. Es sieht mega gut aus!! Ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder und empfehle sie absolut weiter. Silvia
, 40 - 50 Jahre
Ich habe heute eine Dauerwelle bei Samman gebucht und ich bin einfach nur happy. Da ich viel und dickes Haar habe, musste er etwas mehr Zeit einplanen und hat es wunderbar, geduldig und fürsorglich umgesetzt. Er hat mir die Pflege im Nachgang erklärt und wir haben uns über interessante Themen unterhalten. Die fast 4 Std. sind wie im Flug vergangen. Danke Samman. Ich komme sehr gerne wieder.